RedR Operating Principles  


Note: These operating principles are currently under review.

1. Assignments

1.1 Assignment requests can only be accepted if:

i) they do not violate the Fundamental Principles of RedR;
ii) the work relates to an identifiable disaster or its effects;
iii) the agency is a non-profit making and non military organisation;
iv) the danger to which a member may be exposed is not disproportionate to the benefit of his/her work to the beneficiaries;
v) the post is not one normally filled by commercial consulting organisations;
vi) the agency is competent to provide adequate management and support to the member.

1.2 Assignment requests may be shared with other RedR Organisations but only if they are Accredited.

1.3 Only members from the Register will be supplied by national RedRs to agencies.

2.Register and membership

Note that at present interviews are conducted in English, and it is a requirement that RedR members have a good working knowledge of English. For information on joining RedR's register, click here.
In order to ensure that National RedR Organisations who are Accredited Members of RedR International can share requests for assignments with confidence, the following must be complied with.

2.1 Members must have volunteered for the Register and for particular assignments on an individual basis rather than through their employers or some other third party.

2.2 Members must be interviewed and selected according to a predetermined procedure to ensure that all members satisfy minimum requirements in terms of professional expertise, experience and personal qualities. Normally these requirements would include:

i) Age greater than 25 years old;
ii) Age less than 60 years old, except those working currently in disaster relief work;
iii) A minimum of 5 years professional experience;
iv) An appropriate level of technical qualification in their field.

These requirements reflect the basic minimum requirements of requesting agencies. Certain individuals may have personal qualities or have had previous experience that outweigh these basic requirements.

2.3 All members must have a genuine humanitarian outlook.

2.4 All interviews must be based on an Interview Form and Guidance Notes that have been approved by RedR International.

2.5 All interviewers must have attended a minimum of one day training course on interviewing procedure.

2.6 The Register must be maintained with information on each member that is up dated regularly. This should include:

i) name
ii) date of birth
iii) contact address, telephone and fax numbers at home and at work
iv) employer
v) professional qualifications
vi) sector of professional expertise
vii) overseas experience
viii) disaster relief experience
ix) training courses attended
x) fluent languages

3. Training

RedR has a commitment to training in order to maintain and improve the performance of members in the field. All national RedRs provide training opportunities for their members. These courses are devised to bridge the gap between the members previous experience and that required on a RedR assignment.