Welcome to RedR International  


RedR is a confederation of national accredited RedR organisations who share a common Vision and Mission.

RedR International is the Association, registered in Geneva, established in order to contribute towards the achievement of RedR's vision and mission through the support, promotion, accreditation and monitoring of national RedR organisations.
It is governed by the General Assembly of Members elected by and from the governing bodies of the Accredited RedRs plus co-opted Members.


Chad 2004 - UNHCR

The General Assembly's role is to ensure that RedR develops as a cohesive and effective international movement. RedR International's Secretariat employs one part-time staff member as the International Director.
The International Director reports ultimately to the General Assembly while on a day-to-day basis s/he works closely with the Directors and staff of the other RedR offices.
The General Assembly sets the tasks of the Secretariat which currently include: